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Well guys and gals, our “soft opening” was a great success, not to mention not as soft as expected!

We learned a lot this weekend and will grow to be the best we can be. Thank you to all the fans who came out to watch, if you enjoyed the show come back October 14th for our GRAND OPENING EXTRAVAGANZA!!! more info soon!

There are so many people who made this dream come to reality, from the guys digging the ditches, the guys putting up fencing in 100 degree heat, to the people who simply liked and shared our posts, there are no words that can be said to show our gratitude and appreciation.

What makes all of this hard work worth it are the little things like when a young racer walked up and said ” you know what my favorite part about this new track is?- no what is it?- just having the opportunity to race”.

What an emotional weekend!

It was fantastic to see all our friends new and old, racing families, and fans come back together again for the love of the sport. Some of the greatest new memories already made. The new families fitting right in having the time of their lives, seeing the fans having so much fun on the sidelines, and families reuniting like it was only yesterday we had our last event. This…. this right here is what its all about folks. With the comradery we have we are all on the winning team.
We love you all, thank you for everything. See everyone next month for the GRAND OPENING EXTRAVAGANZA!


Well guys and gals we are finally finished with fencing and lighting for now! Thanks to all the awesome volunteers who came and put in the work to get the new facility one step closer to racing in September.

We ask if everyone could keep an eye out for plastic 55 gallon drums as we need about 100 of them for a safety barrier.

Next weekend we will be working on tech area, securing the new lumber on the grandstand bleachers, mowing, trimming, and spraying. We will also be wiring the traffic light system around the track and working the new clay. Now is the time for the small details to be finished up if you’d like to help out with the smaller items, come on out the next 3 weekends. Thank you so much for everyone behind the scenes getting this monstrous project accomplished.


We have had several very busy and productive work weekends on the new facility, all of the track fencing is up, all gates are up, most of the painting is complete, the light posts are up, we are on track to resume racing very soon and are in the process of planning a Grand Opening in October (stay tuned for more details in the near future). We are so excited! We are also very thankful for all of our hard working volunteers, there is no way we would be this far along without our club members showing up and working in the grueling heat and getting so much of the work completed. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS HELPED! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates.



Another productive weekend working on the new facility. All grandstands are set up and in place, score tower, announcer booth, and flag stand all set up and ready for a fresh coat of paint. We thank those that were able to make it this weekend, a lot of progress was made. Registration/Admission booth coming together nicely, and 10 loads of fill spread on the track. We are taking our first weekend off (the 27th & 28th) so the next volunteer weekend will be June 3rd & 4th, please like and share on Facebook, and stay tuned for weekly updates.



Thank you to everyone who has been able to help out at the old and new track locations with the moving over the past couple of weeks. The turn out from our members has been spectacular!

We have gotten most of the items moved to the new location and have set another date to begin setting up the new track (bleachers, fencing, setting light posts, etc.)

We will begin on Saturday May 6, 2023 at 8 a.m. We will be serving a BBQ dinner with all the fixings at 5 p.m. for our hard working volunteers. If you can make it out, please let us know on Facebook so we can get a head count for food.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing everyone very soon!




To all of our club members, competitors, fans, and spectators, thank you all for your past, present, and future support!

The past several months have been a very tumultuous time for our club, but we are marching forward and hope to pick up where we left off at the end of our 2021-2022 Season.

We are in the process of moving from the Avon Park Mower-Plex to our new facility at The Florida Flywheelers Park in Ft. Meade, FL. We are so excited to get our new facility completed and get back to racing.

Please come back often for updates, and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on our progress and future events schedule. 


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